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Intro: Rules, oh so many rules

Rule 1: No long distance relationships

Rule 2: Women in relationships are off-limit

Rule 3: Go home after midnight or Go to sleep after midnight

Rule 4:

Rule 5: Always have ice cream or Popsicle

Rule 6: If you don’t contribute, you can’t benefit

Rule 7: No weddings

Rule 8: Eat out once a week per meal type

Rule 9: Categorize people I know

Rule 10: Communist countries are off-limits to travel

Rule 11: No cutting through parking spaces

Rule 12: Guests to My Home Are Not Allowed To Do Dishes

Rule 13: Wait at least 6 months before updating resume

Rule 14:

Rule 15: Perception is not reality


Written by Kelvin

January 9, 2011 at 11:14 AM

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