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Day 10: God is talking

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Have you ever had that moment where you are either talking out loud or speaking inside your head and wishing God or the Universe or someone would talk back. Suddenly you see something or are reminded of something/someone or hear a song on the radio that answers what you were just thinking about.  And puts things in perspective.  Suddenly, you felt things will be ok.

During a certain time in my life, that something was the song ‘Dreams’ by Cranberries.  Seems whenever I needed cheering or needing to put a smile on my face I would hear that song on the radio.  That song remains one of my favorite songs for inspiration or just to dance silly.  I used to think it was coincidence but now that is how God talks to me.  For a while now I would talk to God and some times later I would hear songs on the radio that in a unique way answers what I was talking to Him about.  It could be ‘Hold My Heart’ by Tenth Avenue North or the album ‘Worship’ by Michael W. Smith or any other number of songs in my iPod.

Songs are not the only method of communication, it could be an opportunity.  I recently changed employer and during the months of searching there were times when it seems to be fruitless then I would get inquiries that were dead ends but I felt it was as if God was telling me to be patient and these little inquiries was a way to say, keep looking for it will happen.

Then there are opportunities that is bring back my love for what I do.  Circumstances of the past have made me forget what I enjoy most about what I do.  I often think back to that pivotal moment of choosing a major in college or even high school and wonder if I should have selected another career path.  These doubts are silenced by opportunities that have allowed me to enjoy again what I do.  Opportunities that I am so glad to know my professional trade for without the knowledge I would have to rely on someone else to make it happen.  Opportunities that is allowing me to practice what I love to do and feel blessed in what God has given me.

It has taken me a long time to reach this point, I am learning to look for signs whether it be in a book or in a movie.  This morning I watch ‘My Life in Ruins’, it is a romantic comedy taking place in Greece about a Greek-American travel guide Georgia who is so distracted by what’s going wrong in her life as she leads a motley crew of tourists through some of Greece’s most historic sites that she almost misses out on a chance for romance with her hunky bus driver.  This movie is definitely on my all time favorites list and is one I would watch again and again.  What sticks to me about the movie is how gorgeous the world is that is outside my home, I should travel more and get to experience life, see the wonders of God, be a little spontaneous now and then.  And that love can happen when you least expects it.

And no, I won’t tell you what God answered for me when He selected to use this movie to communicate with me 🙂


Written by Kelvin

February 28, 2010 at 12:00 PM

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