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Rule 15: Perception is not reality

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During an annual performance review one year, my boss started describing how I wasn’t doing my job or how I wasn’t doing the things he would be doing if he was still a developer. The list went on and on. I countered each one of his items and it was apparent he didn’t do his research.

I really wanted to tell him it was hard for him to see for himself when he didn’t leave his nice corner office. The only thing he said was ‘perception is reality’ and it was my fault for not telling him or showing him all the things I was doing. I am not one to brag or announce the things I am doing to the entire company. It didn’t matter if I had proof and his insisted his perception was what mattered. He also wasn’t going to change his perception in light of new information.

I have always hated the ‘perception is reality’ saying and think it is an easy way out for not doing your homework. Years later I would promise myself if I am in a position of leadership I would never ever use this saying. I would take the time and investigate info the matter fully before forming an opinion.



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August 14, 2014 at 9:06 AM

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